Stweem2.4 Notice of release

We have released a streaming type Twitter client app Stweem2.4

Changes from version 2.2
– Tweets adjustment of the display speed
– Fault correspondence of text-to-speech function
– And change of the message to be displayed on the tweet display screen
– If a few minutes tweet does not come flow is implemented to display an alert
– Search can search carried out the operation after the table view
Change of behavior when you tap the history-search screen

Official website:

App Overview
■ application name: Stweem
■ Price: Free (with billing in App advertising non-display, etc.)
■ iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS9.0 or later

About Stweem
Stweem is excellent real-time streaming search app for twitter!

Twitter’s streamig client of highest peak! !
Displays the follow to tweet that you found in user or favorite keywords are!
Attached photos and images will be displayed automatically.

– Display the image of instagram inline!
– Do you like baseball or football games? Sumo lover? What is your favorite TV program? Let’s have fun together with other users!
– Want to know what participants’ thought directly? Use a hashtag for the event, show tweets flowing on the big monitor by Stweem!
– Hide tweets, and only show photos. Enjoy a lot of photos posted from all over the world using Stweem!

◆Considerations on the specification
– Streaming API on Twitter specification of can not be opened only one with a single account.When tweet does not flow to make sure that you do not have to start the other clients in the same account, please use a different account or wait for a while.
– You can more fun available when you provide an account for Stweem.