Teiten2.1 Notice of release

A fixed point camera app Teiten2.1 that can be automatically posted to the SNS has been released

Changes from version 2.0.1
– The Facebook album create new, modify to perform in the Facebook album list screen
– Change to perform the creation of the photo album in the album list screen
– Implemented as a destination for the photo to be able to specify the album
– Other bug fixes

Official website: http://teiten.link
Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teiten-fixed-point-camera/id986702944?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8

App Overview
■ application name: Teiten
■ Price: Free (There accounting logo hidden in App)
■ iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS9.0 or later

About Teiten
Teiten is a fixed point camera app to take pictures automatically at a specified time.
The captured photos will be posted automatically to the saved or Twitter.
Growth record observations and event venue landscape delivery of flowers, it will be available in a simple surveillance cameras, etc. for various purposes.

Introduction of function
– The recording interval you can be set up to 59 minutes 1 minute to 23 hours.
– Shooting start time, you can set the end time.
– You can set the flash on / off. (Models with flash function only)
– You can choose the size of the photos you want to save.
– You can put the date and time in the photo.
– Time you can put in the image of the analog clock.
– Photos taken are easy to organize because they are saved in the specified album.

– For long-term shooting, we recommend that you turn off the sleep function of the iOS to erase all of the notification function.